Shogun Orochi’s Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit Revealed – Yamata no Orochi

Well, having eight heads gives one extra vision for sure and also the ability to just rip off one’s head. These heads of Kurozumi Orochi will be very hard to deal with as well.
Kurozumi Orochi
Apart from having eight heads, Kurozumi Orochi is going to have some other special powers. Maybe he can breathe fire or maybe something else entirely.

He could have venomous bites in him, he could swing his long heads to throw away his opponents and some mythologies even suggest that Orochi has an invisible barrier protecting him.
Kokutan Orochi
It is hard to imagine how one could get past such a beast. One ability that can help face such a strong creature is Observation haki. In Wano, only Luffy has that to an advanced level, but his opponent will be Kaido. So, who’ll face Orochi? I think the fact he is a swordsman Roronoa Zoro will face him but how will he get past those heads of Kurozumi Orochi.

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