Shogun Orochi’s Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit Revealed – Yamata no Orochi

Enough said now, we will talk about what powers and abilities this character might possess. First things first, since he is known as two sword style Orochi, he’ll be pretty good at using swords and will be a handful swordsman.
Yamato no Orochi
He’s from Wano. Even if he’s a poor swordsman, he’s still going to be at least a decent one because it is an art there. Every soldier has to learn it, and since he’s the Shogun, he has to be at least strong.

In mythology Yamata no Orochi had a Kusanagi sword. I think that he’ll have a Kusanagi sword and some other powerful sword. But in this post, I’ll not be just talking about his swords but his devil fruit.
So, let me just focus on his devil fruit powers. First and foremost since he is a mythical zoan type devil fruit user he is going to possess tremendous strength and also durability. We have seen how humongous he becomes in his transformed form so his size will be hard to deal with for his opponents.

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