Shogun Orochi’s Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit Revealed – Yamata no Orochi

But fortunately, that wasn’t the case and in One Piece chapter 932, while going berserk over the fact that a lowlife prostitute like Komurasaki had slapped him.
Kurozumi Orochi
Kurozumi Orochi revealed his mythical zoan type devil fruit form.He became extremely huge and turned into an eight-headed serpent.

We at TheAnimeScrolls had already predicted that Kurozumi Orochi is going to have this extremely powerful devil fruit. Unfortunately, his personality does not deserve this much power but since he’s the shogun, he had to be powerful.
I hoped that King disaster might have a mythical zoan type devil fruit but instead we have this irritating faced shogun having a mythical zoan type devil fruit which is disheartening. Nonetheless, this makes him presumably a more powerful character than some of the headliners of Kaidou maybe? I’m still not too sure about his fighting ability.

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