Shichibukai ranked according to their power level

Second Captain

This list is set in the early times of the Grand Line.

Hi, I hope you’ve enjoyed our other posts. In this one, we rank the Shichibukai according to the power level. We hope you like the list.

7. Gecko Moria- We begin our list with the user of the Kage Kage no Mi. He resides within thriller bark with an army of shadows. Moria can manipulate people’s shadows freely and make them obey his commands. * Quite shadowy powers * His bounty is 320,000,000 beris.

6. Jinbe- Next on our list is none other than the ‘Knight of the sea’. Jinbe is a master of fish-man karate and he is very agile is water. His bounty is 400,000,000 beris. He was the first mate of former captain of the Sun Pirates.

5. Crocodile – He is the head of the Baroque Works and is also known Mr.0. He has the power of Suna Suna no Mi, which can suck all the moisture content from any thing and makes things sandy. * Pardon the pun * He has a bounty of 81,000,000 million beris.


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