Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding how Akagami no Shanks stopped Kaido from entering the Marineford war. We already know that Kaido wanted to come to Marineford, most probably to kill Whitebeard and become the strongest man alive, but his plans were foiled by Shanks and here is how.

Let’s begin this post regarding how Shanks Stopped Kaido

Well as I said, Kaido wanted to come to Marineford and kill yonko Whitebeard. This is just my theory about why he wanted to go to Marineford.
Shanks at Mary Geoise
After killing him, Kaido, who already is known as the strongest creature, would have been given Whitebeard’s title of the strongest man. But somehow Shanks stopped him and himself went to Marineford. It is no secret that Shanks can meet anyone at any time whenever he wants. He’s met with Whitebeard and even Gorosei. So, setting up a meeting with Kaido is easy for him.

Now, there are most likely three theories that suggest how Shanks stopped Kaido from entering Marineford. First one is that Shanks defeated Kaido one vs one and thus Kaido left.
Connection between Shanks
The second scenario is that Shanks and Kaido clashed and Kaido retreated without giving his 100% in the battle as he might have thought its not worth it.

The third scenario is that Shanks gave him something he wanted and Kaido left satisfactorily. Now, let us discuss all of these scenarios one by one. Even though Shanks is known to be the strongest yonko right now, but no matter how strong he is, defeating Kaido just won’t take a second.
Shanks stopped Kaido
This yonko will have to battle for days to determine the winner and also, it is obvious that Shanks would have at least got some scars while battling Kaido but Shanks was as good as new. Thus, it seems that this scenario is also not possible.

The second scenario is similar to the first one, and since Shanks and none of his crew members have any sustained damage, this scenario also seems to be a highly unlikely one.
So, this leaves us with just one another scenario meaning that Shanks gave Kaido something he was in need of and in return Kaido returned without going to Marineford.

So, what do you think would this thing be? We know that all yonko are just craving for road poneglyphs. Like Blackbeard just goes hunting for them all the time and that is why it is speculated he’ll attack Whole Cake Island and also Wano in the future.
Kaido's Dragon form
So, I think that Shanks gave Kaido either the road poneglyph that he possesses, or he gave him the location of another poneglyph. This option was better for Kaido as it would have brought him closer to finding One Piece.

The obvious question here is why the hell will Akagami no Shanks give Kaido the poneglyph he has or even though he has the location of any other poneglyph which is very much possible.
Kaido vs Luffy
Because he was on the ship of Gol D Roger why will a yonko give this location up?

The simple answer to this is because Shanks has no intention of becoming the Pirate King, unlike other yonko. The job that Gol D Roger has given him is that he has to look for the next Pirate King and protect him. That is exactly what Shanks is doing.
Kaido's Devil
He has identified Monkey D Luffy as the next Pirate King who will unite all the pirates and then defeat the World Government after becoming the Pirate King. Shanks needed to protect him because at the time of Marineford war Luffy wasn’t even yonko commander level.

If Kaido would have gone to Marineford, Luffy would just have been crushed because he was too weak at the time and too foolish to step down from a fight that he simply couldn’t win.
Defeat Kaido
Thus, in order to protect vast devastation and Monkey D Luffy, Akagami no Shanks might have given up either the location of a road poneglyph or even a road poneglyph that he had and this is how he must have stopped Kaido from interfering in Marineford war.

That is it from today’s post on how Shanks stopped Kaido. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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