How Shanks Stopped Kaido From Participating In Marineford War

Shanks stopped Kaido

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a theory regarding how Akagami no Shanks stopped Kaido from entering the Marineford war. We already know that Kaido wanted to come to Marineford, most probably to kill Whitebeard and become the strongest man alive, but his plans were foiled by Shanks and here is how.

Let’s begin this post regarding how Shanks Stopped Kaido

Well as I said, Kaido wanted to come to Marineford and kill yonko Whitebeard. This is just my theory about why he wanted to go to Marineford.
Shanks at Mary Geoise
After killing him, Kaido, who already is known as the strongest creature, would have been given Whitebeard’s title of the strongest man. But somehow Shanks stopped him and himself went to Marineford. It is no secret that Shanks can meet anyone at any time whenever he wants. He’s met with Whitebeard and even Gorosei. So, setting up a meeting with Kaido is easy for him.

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