Shanks And Blackbeard Connection – Their True Past Explained

Shanks is a former member of the Roger Pirates, and is now one of the Yonkō. He is one of the strongest Pirates, as well as strongest characters in One Piece world. Shanks holds extremely high significance in One Piece because he is the idol of Monkey D. Luffy, and is the reason why Luffy became a pirate. Shanks, as we know, has fought countless battles on his adventures, and received many scars but there is one scar that makes his blood boil. In this theory I will discussing Shanks and Blackbeard connection.

The one that’s on his eyes. These scars were given to Shanks by a person named Marshall D. Teach, also know as “Blackbeard”. Shanks said this himself when he was visiting Whitebeard ‘s ship. Many One Piece fans were amazed by this, and wondered how Blackbeard was able to hurt Shanks.
Blackbeard connection
In today’s theory, I will be discussing how, and when Red Hair Shanks got his scars from Blackbeard, also Shanks and Blackbeard connection.
NOTE: The credits for this theory goes to the Reddit user “Carefulyoi”. I have add some of my own ideas in this theory.
Let’s begin –



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