Hey guys! Have you ever thought about the Seventh Shichibukai? Apparently, he was made a Warlord over the time Skip. We are gonna analyze the possible seventh Shichibukai. This theory has been written by Vandenreich from orojackson.com
We are going to use Fujitora’s hate of the Shichibukai as an important reference. We know that Fujitora has a lot of hatred towards the Shichibukai system due to an unknown reason. Shichibukai
The reason for his hate is the Seventh Shichibukai.

We have a few things confirmed about the Seventh Shichibukai. He is also likely to be a Samurai from Wano Kuni. He is also the one who cut off Zephyr’s arm. This unknown man may also have a devil fruit. Also, he became a Shichibukai over the time skip.



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