Hey guys, chapter 299 of Seven Deadly Sins was amazing. There were many fighting scenes in the chapter and a twist at the end of the manga that shocked us all. I wasn’t expecting this to happen which was the most surprising thing in the chapter. Meliodas wakes up from his slumber, he is now older and looks like Estarossa for some reason. Overall the chapter was good and I enjoyed it. Now that the chapter of Seven Deadly is out, now I am here to give my opinion on the upcoming manga chapter 300 of Seven Deadly Sins.
Let’s begin –

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 300 spoilers

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 300 Spoilers

Before we start let us recap on what happened in the last chapter of Seven Deadly Sins. At the beginning of the chapter we see Mael overpowering Zeldoris and Merlin still casting the spell on Meliodas. The fight between Mael and Zeldoris is getting more and more intense. Mael seems to have upper hand. But, Zeldoris manages to hurt Mael and makes his ways towards Merlin in order to kill her. He launches a devastating attack on the group but his attack is stopped by King. Zeldoris is losing his mind and then Mael attacks him. Zeldoris then falls down on the ground and stands up once again. There he sees that the spell has been completed and the time has been stopped. Everyone is celebrating their victory against the demons and Hawk flies towards the cocoon. He finds it empty and then they sense something powerful is near them. They then realize that it is Meliodas and he is grown a lot. The chapter ends.

Now, I am going to give you my opinion on what happened in the next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins. In the beginning of the chapter, we will see Meliodas all grown up and he will have become extremely powerful. Everyone will be afraid of Meliodas expect for Elizabeth who will talk to him. Meliodas will tell them that he is still the old Meliodas and he will defeat the Demon king. We might see Ban coming back in this chapter.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 300

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 300 Release Date

After that, Meliodas will make his way towards his father in order kill him. I think Ban will go with him because he might be able to help Meliodas somehow. Merlin will teleport them to Purgatory and there they will face against the Demon king. This is my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins. If you guys have your opinion on the next chapter do tell me that in the comment section down below. Seven Deadly Sins chapter 300 will release on 12th February 2019.

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