Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 299 Spoilers And Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 299

Hey guys, Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298 was amazing and it was filled with fighting scenes. We got to see how much powerful Mael is when he got his true powers back. He even one shot the Sinner and overpowered Zeldris with ease. It seemed like he was still holding back his power. It was a pretty good chapter. Keeping that aside, I am here to talk as well as give my opinion on the upcoming chapter of Seven Deadly Sins which is chapter 299.
Let’s begin-

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 299 Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 299 Spoilers

Before that let us do a recap on what happened in the previous chapter. We see Mael getting his powers back from Escanor and he is holding the enemy back at bay. The Sinner then tries to attack Mael but gets destroyed by him. Zeldris then launches an attack on Ludociel but he is saved by the Sins. Mael continues to fight and Zeldris then uses his Nebula but it has no effect on Mael. The fight continue and Zeldris seems to be cornered by Mael. The chapter ends.

Now, what I think might happen in the upcoming chapter is that. We will see Zeldris trying his best to defeat Mael but he is beaten by him. Merlin is trying her best to finish casting the spell on Meliodas. The scene changes, we will see the Sinner coming back to join the fight. He might have some kind of ability that will turn the tables in the fight. But, Mael will show us his true power and how powerful he truly is. The chapter will end.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 299 Spoilers

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 299 Release Date

This is my opinion on what might happen Seven Deadly Sins chapter 299. If you guys have your opinion on events that might occur in this chapter, then tell me that in the comment section down below. Seven Deadly Sins chapter 299 leaks will release on February 2019

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