Hey guys, the previous chapter 297 of Seven Deadly Sins was great. It was an amazing chapter and the moment that stood out the most was Mael getting his powers back. The next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins will be epic because we might see the fight of Mael vs Zeldoris. Today, I am here to give my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins. Let’s begin:

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 278

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298 Spoilers

Before we begin, let us first recap on what happened in the previous chapter. In the beginning of the chapter we see Mael and Escanor meeting each other after their deadly battle for the first time. They are talk to each other, and Escanor wants to Mael to take back his powers to increase their chances of winning. First Mael refuses, but Escanor forces him to take it. The scene changes, and we see Rueduciel fighting and overpowering the Sinner.

But Sinner gets the upper hand after using his ability called Climax. All hope seems lost for Merlin but a beam of light shines upon the battlefield. Then we see Zeldoris talking to Mael who is using his powers. Now, I am going to give my opinion on what might happen in the upcoming chapter.

In the beginning of the Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 298, we will see Mael confronting Zeldoris. They both will talk to each other and Mael will reunite with his brother after a long time. After that, Mael will start fighting Zeldoris. We will see Mael using his powers to the fullest with which he will overpower Zeldoris. On the other hand, we will see King and Diane fight against the Sinner. The Sinner’s powers will be increasing more and more because of his ability. But I think King and Diane will be able to hold him off of quite some time. Merlin will get back to casting spell of Meliodas in order to delay his awakening.

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298 release date

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298 Release Date

The scene will change to Zeldoris and Mael. Zeldoris will be cornered by Mael and will be hopeless before him. But Zeldoris will have a trump card up his sleeve which will be extremely dangerous for our heroes. The chapter will end. This is my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins. If you guys have your opinions, let me know that in the comment section down below. Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298’s leaks will release on 31 January 2019 and it will official release on

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