Hey guys, the previous Chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins manga was very good and it had a very good fighting scenes in it. The main highlight of that chapter definitely was the fight between Escanor and The Sinner. In that battle we saw just how powerful the Sinner was and how easily he overpowered Escanor. Keeping that aside, today I am here to give my opinion on the upcoming chapter of Seven Deadly Sins.
Let’s Begin –

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 295

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 295 Spoilers

In the beginning of the chapter we might see Merlin’s group trying their best to beat the Sinner but, the Sinner might prove extremely powerful and will defeat them easily. The Sinner will then try to kill Merlin because of her magic abilities because she might become a threat to them in the future. Escanor will see that and will be extremely angry, he will then unleash his powers which is “The One”. The scene will change and we will see Elizabeth’s group making their way towards Meliodas and they will soon feel a tremendous amount of power in the distance that the Sinner was talking about in the latest chapter.

The scene will change, we see Escanor hurting the Sinner and also fight on par against him for sometime. Escanor will be able to hurt Sinner for some time but, the Sinner will unleash his true powers to fight against Escanor. In the end, Escanor will be beaten by Sinner, he will then proceed to kill Escanor once and for all. The scene will change, we will see Ban saying goodbye to Elaine and then rushing towards Meliodas’ location.

Seven Deadly Sins 295 Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 295 Release Date

The scene will change to The Sinner as was about to kill Escanor but, that massive presence will be coming towards them. Sinner will prepare to fight against it and will get blown away by it. Everyone there will be shocked even the Sinner, there we will see Ban. His power levels would have reached new heights after his time in the Purgatory. The between Ban and the Sinner will begin and the chapter will end.

This is my opinion on what might happen in the next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins and if you have your own idea on the events that might happen in the next chapter, tell me that in the comment section down below. Now, for the Release Date, The Seven Deadly Sins chapter 295 will be released on 9 January 2019. With this I end this article and I will see you guys in the next one.

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