Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 267 Leaks and Release Date

Seven Deadly Sins 267

This week we will get two entire chapters of the Seven Deadly Sins, which means it will be a 43 chapter page. It’s going to be amazing that’s all I can tell you. Before we go to the leaks of Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 267, let’s review what happened in the previous chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 267

In the previous chapter, Estarossa was flying away with Elizabeth. Oddly enough, Estarossa was talking to Elizabeth as if he was Meliodas himself. When Elizabeth enquired where they are going, Estarossa replied that it was their secret meeting place. According to Elizabeth, only she and Meliodas knew about this place. Moving on to the battle ground, Dreyfus looks to have received some power from Fraudrin, which allowed him to increase his size.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 267

Also, the Archangels revealed their original form, and they gave a proper explanation regarding why they couldn’t continue further with their vessels. Now moving on to the next chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is very likely that Nakaba will reveal what really is happening to Estarossa. As this is going to be a special 2 chapter week, it would be the right time to introduce what’s wrong with Estarossa.

Seven Deadly Sins 267

Another thing that I believe that Nakaba will reveal is that how Estarossa was able to overwhelm Mael, who was supposedly the strongest Archangel. We have seen that as a child Estarossa looked up to his older brother in terms of power. How was he able to kill the strongest of the Archangels? Base Estarossa wasn’t even able to stand up to the other Archangels. It was only when he absorbed the other commandments that he finally overwhelmed them.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 267 will answer a big mystery.

This is a big mystery and I think that it’s going to be answered in the upcoming chapter. I’m expecting a big flashback so that this question would finally be answered.

We will also see the full power of the Archangels as they are outside their vessels now. They were able to defeat Estarossa easily without using their true powers. It was only after that Estarossa absorbed the commandments that he was able to fight them. Now that they are without any limitations they are will be a force to reckon.

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