Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 266 Release Date, Leaks

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 266

Hey guys. The last chapter of Seven Deadly Sins was really something else. In the previous chapter, we saw the flashback of Estarossa as a kid. After seeing the flashback, it was evident that Estarossa loved Elizabeth ever since he was a child. He competed with his elder brother so that he would be his equal. He wanted to win the heart of Elizabeth. In the same chapter, we also saw Estarossa showing the true extent of the power that he had gained after gaining the commandments. Now before we start with the summary of Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 266, I’d like to warn you that this is spoiler post, so if you don’t like being spoiled, you should stop now.

Now, there was a lot of hype regarding the chapter. The chapter starts off with Slader and his troops fighting off the demons. However, there is the sudden appearance of a strange demon, who has tentacles, which seem to made of darkness. The strange looking demon wiped out Griamore’s troops. The tentacles then stab Griamore in the belly.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 266 Leaks

After seeing this, Dreyfus rushes in to save his son. However, while doing so, Dreyfus turns into a giant. Dreyfus is confused at first, but then he assumes that Fraudrin gave him the power to protect his son. The scene then changes to the main battlefield. People are seen chatting and then the scene changes to Sariel and Howzer talking. Sariel is actually a girl in appearance, but he’s still a he (this stuff is confusing). Tatmiel and Sariel talk about their hosts. Sariel explains that if they had continued to use their graces while they were still inside the human hosts, their bodies wouldn’t have survived it. The Archangels abandon their hosts and now they are in their original form. They suggest that they should strike Estarossa right now and save Elizabeth as she is crucial to their hopes.

Seven Deadly Sins 266 Release Date

The scene finally changes to Elizabeth and Estarossa, who are flying. Estarossa tells Elizabeth that they’ll go to the place where they used to meet in secret. Elizabeth says that only Meliodas and she knew about it. Estarossa suddenly starts to fall down but Elizabeth saves him. However, he just grabs her neck and tries to strangle her.

What are your opinions on Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 266?

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