Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 262 Spoilers

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 262

Hey everyone! I’m here at TheAnimeScrolls today to share the spoilers of Seven Deadly Sins chapter 262. So, before I begin all the spoiler haters please stay away from this news. So, without further delay let’s begin. Seven Deadly Sins has already started the war arc in which the humans, the Goddess clan and several other clans have joined forces to defeat the Ten Commandments. It gives us a faint idea of how gruesome the Holy War was back then.

Now, starting the spoilers. Estarossa arrives at where Elizabeth and Derieri are. Elizabeth uses Ark on him but fails because of his power of darkness. seven Deadly sins chapter 262Tarmiel and Sariel attack Estarossa and they get defeated easily. Their host bodies are getting consumed by darkness, but then they reveal their original form.

The broken Derieri is in the middle of a crowd of combatants. Deathpierce sees her and, full of rage, attacks her. But the sword breaks. But who cares about the fodder when the best boy Estarossa arrives at the scene at full speed just when Derrierie and Elizabeth chit-chat. The Commandment notices some rubbish soldiers on the ground and proceeds to do some clean-up with Black Hound.

The big dog made of darkness then makes circles around Elizabeth and Derieri, ecreating a sort of darkness barrier around them. Estarossa joins the women and says he’s happy to meet the Goddess and he’ll get the decree from Derieri, adding that he’ll send her to Monspiet. Elizabeth uses Ark on him and sends him away. But he breaks out of it with darkness.

This is where the Archangels talk with Estarossa. The latter asks them about Ludociel and Mael before remembering having killed Mael. The Archangels use the technique Vengeful Saint on him: a shower of balls. But the Commandment breaks through it. seven Deadly sins spoilersAnd uses Killing Saucer to hit Tarmiel and Sariel. The darkness from the saucers envelops the Archangels and they fall. Shortly after, the dark envelopes start creaking and the Archangels are now in their original form albeit somewhat different.

That is all from the spoilers of Seven Deadly Sins chapter 262. If you have some more spoilers that we missed do share with us in the comments section down below. Also, do keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, TV, Manga and movies.

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