Secrets Behind Kawaki’s Body – Revealed

Kawaki's body

Hey you all! Tahir here and I’m back with another one of interesting posts on Kawaki and NarutoVerse. In this post, I’ll be discussing the secrets behind Kawaki’s body. We got to see Kawaki for the first time recently in the Boruto manga. All the fans had been waiting gor his introduction. There were theories suggesting that he was Iwabee but fortunately that all went to trash. The Kawaki arc has finally started in the Boruto manga. In the recent chapter of Boruto manga, we got to know about the secrets of Kawaki’s body. This will be our topic today, so without further delay let us begin.

It all started chapter 24 of Boruto manga. The fans were treated with a glimpse of Kawaki’s power. Kawaki is able to modify his own body into the shape of weapons.Kawaki's modified body It does indicate that he uses some sort of senjutsu or something akin to senjutsu. Then in Boruto chapter 25, we saw him even extending his arm and at the same time transforming it into weapons. In my opinion, it does feel that it is some sort of senjutsu but, it could even be something else.

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