The Secret Behind Kara’s Power And How They Rival The Otsutsuki – Explained

Kara's power

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing the secret behind Kara’s power and how they rival the Otsutsuki? We know that Kara is an extremely powerful organisation and their leader known as Jigen. He is very close in terms of power to Naruto Uzumaki as he was power scaled by Kawaki recently. So, what is the secret of their strength?

Let’s begin this post regarding secret of Kara’s power

As we know Jigen is the leader of Kara organisation. He has the karma seal and thus it does mean that he has killed an Otsutsuki clan member.
Kara's true plan
The big question is, where was he in the Naruto series? It is clear that the source of his strength is Karma. It is possible that he got karma after Naruto series and this would explain that he wasn’t that powerful and not worth mentioning while Naruto series was going on.

If he was so averagely powered how did he kill an Otsutsuki? The answer lies in the hints that we have been provided.
Kara members
First, we saw that Kawaki is a modified human, then we saw Garou who was also a modified human, now Delta is also a modified human and Ao was also modified as well.

I’m not stretching it if I say both Kashin Koji and Jigen are modified humans as well. My theory is that Amado the scientist is the one who modified Jigen’s body and made him power-up enough to kill an Otsutsuki clan member.
Kara's power
Later on, Jigen with the help of Amado might have modified the bodies of inner members of Kara as well. Thus, it is crystal clear that the strength of Kara is based on the scientific weaponry that their bodies possess.

This explains why Delta without hesitation now has even confronted Naruto, it seems that she is confident in her abilities or should I say that she is proud of her scientifically enhanced abilities.
Beat jigen
So, does this mean that she can defeat Naruto?

Hell no! She cannot do that no matter how powerful she is. My theory is that Kashin Koji will help her escape. I’ve done a theory about that so do take out some time and read that interesting theory.
Jigen and Hagoromo
Still, not all members of Kara can face Otsutsuki clan members. Maybe Jigen can do so but not the others because they are not that powerful. So, how will they rival the Otsutsuki clan on the power scale? Well, we have seen how Jigen transferred his Karma seal to Kawaki. So, it is well possible that Jigen can share his Karma with his inner members as well.

Obviously, if a kid like Kawaki can survive the Karma receiving process then the modified humans like Delta can survive it too.
Naruto Uzumaki vs delta
For one reason or the other Jigen has to keep on sharing his karma seal. As he mentioned that for some unknown reason he doesn’t have much time.

So, it is well possible that in the near future Amado may invent a way by which Jigen can even transfer his Karma seal to his inner members and closest subordinates like Delta and Kashin Koji.
Death of Kashin Koji
Even though Kashin Koji plans on taking out Jigen as was revealed in chapter 30, but Koji still is one of his most trusted subordinates and when the time comes he too will get the karma power-up. We know that there are inner members of kara but we don’t know how many as not all the members have been disclosed yet and some have already died.

If the inner members of Kara get the Karma as well and when it is coupled with their secret technology, the ultimate soldier is produced.
Kara's power
I certainly think that these Kara members can take out several Otsutsuki with ease after acquiring the karma seal from Jigen who himself is said to be comparable in terms of strength with Naruto. Kara is a serious threat to Naruto and Sasuke’s peaceful world.

That is it from today’s post on the secret of Kara’s power. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies. Do remember to subscribe to our blog by pressing the bell icon.

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