Sasuke vs Urashiki – Battle of Rinnegan

So this is what I think might be happening. Urashiki Otsutsuki is introduced in the Denki Kaminarimon novel, and this novel we will be set after the happenings of chunin exams we’ll get to see what’s the latest thing that Urashiki is up to.Urashiki vs Kawaki
Urashiki Otsutsuki’s story will be shown in this novel, and I think Kara will make his move against him.

Urashiki Otsutsuki will be shown battling Jigen in the manga or in the novel. Jigen seems to be very powerful himself, and he also has an Otsutsuki seal, might beat him, but he wouldn’t kill him.Sasuke vs Urashiki
He then allows kawaki to deliver the final blow to Urashiki Otsutsuki and kill him and in this way, Kawaki gets the Karma seal and the role of Urashiki Otsutsuki will serve its purpose. Thus, this is how will Urashiki Otsutsuki reappear in Boruto.

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