Sasuke vs Urashiki – Battle of Rinnegan

Who will be the first one who will meet him? As we already know Toneri Otsutsuki can’t because Urashiki Otsutsuki petrifying him in a time freeze for ten thousand years before departing.Urashiki vs Sasuke
It is Sasuke Uchiha, he is the one who can chase them and his one of the main goal is to reveal the truth behind Kaguya Otsutsuki’s clan.

In Boruto episode 66, he said that after some resting, he would continue his job. I don’t think that Sasuke Vs Urashiki is the only thing that can happen. Well, another thing that’s on my mind is that Kawaki has been introduced in the manga finally and is going to have an Otsutsuki clan curse mark or as we call it the karma seal.Kawaki vs Urashiki
I think Kara will make its move. We have absolutely no clue as to who is the Otsutsuki clan member that Kawaki has managed to kill at this young age. Like many theorists suggest I do think it’s Urashiki Otsutsuki because there is no other Otsutsuki member left to kill other than Kaguya Otsutsuki who is already sealed away.

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