How Strong Would Sasuke Uchiha Be If He Had Hashirama’s Cells?

After the final battle at the valley of End, both Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha ended up losing an arm. I’m going to discuss what would’ve happened if Sasuke also received an arm made of Hashirama’s Cells.

Sasuke Uchiha

The clash also destroyed most of the Final Valley.
After their reconciliation, Naruto ended up getting a prosthetic arm made from Hashirama’s cells, while Sasuke opted not to get an arm.

The arm also boosted Naruto’s already amazing regeneration powers, and his chakra prowess.


  1. Sasuke is an Indra reincarnate and Hashirama is Ashura’s. He would probably evolve another Rinnegan similar to how Madara did. You guys forgot to consider that.

    • Hashirama is dead though and the current reincarnate is Naruto. So, only Naruto’s DNA will enable him to awaken another Rinnegan.

  2. If you are considering this…naruto would be way stronger than sasuke if he has sharingan or rinnegan…
    Sasuke was always the lucky one…frankly speaking he is no match for even itachi if he was alive(without the disease) and with mangekyou sharingan as sasuke

    • How would Naruto get the Sharingan. The point is that Sasuke was offered a prosthetic arm, which he refused. This isn’t just out of the blue. Naruto was never offered the Rinnegan or the Sharingan. Naruto is already stronger than Sasuke.


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