Should Sasuke Become The 8th Hokage If Naruto Dies?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters of the Naruto franchise. Recently the Fourth Great Shinobi War ended and so did the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke.

After their battle, he roamed the world on “S-rank Missions” in order to atone for his sins. Sasuke Uchiha
He has been called the Other Hokage” or the “Hokage’s Shadow”. Many of you might have the question whether Sasuke should become the Eight Hokage or not if Naruto really is dead. So, I’ll try to answer this question. Let’s begin!
P.S- All the credit for the manga panels goes to their respective sources.

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  1. Sasuké has never lost against Naruto ever. And in the final battle it was a draw even if for me Sasuké is the strongest!!! If not I am of the same opinion, if Naruto would die, Sasuké would be the next Hokage

    • The thing is that Naruto held back in his fight against Sasuke. He didn’t want to kill him as we all know. Naruto could beat Sasuke and it’s pretty much obvious.

  2. Honestly naruto held back in every fight with Sasuke in terms of who is stronger but in the matter of should he be hokage if naruto dies the yes the current sasuke would make a good hokage but if kakashi is not dead they would just reinstate him

    • Yeah. Exactly! People fail to understand that Naruto held back in every fight against Sasuke as he didn’t want to kill him. Sasuke would make a good Hokage and if he’s not available, maybe Shikamaru could be the next one.

  3. Itachi killed the Uchiha Clan because they were going to overthrow the Third and take control of the Hiden Leaf. Had absolutely nothing to do with the Nine Tails other than the fact Madara was helping Itachi. Read a book. One time.

    • you misunderstand. The Uchiha were planning a Coup because the leaf mistreated them, and the Nine Tails attack was one of the main reasons for their shitty treatment. So, I don’t think anyone needs to read any book here. Peace.


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