Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about Sasori of the red sand. He was an S class criminal from Sunagakure. He was a master puppeteer. He was so fond of puppets that he turned his own body into one making him immune to ageing and killing him even more difficult.

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It’s well known that Kakashi’s father, Sakumo Hatake, killed Sasori’s parents and that Chiyo always sought revenge for this reason from Sakumo Hatake. When Chiyo entered the Akatsuki Hideout, Sasori only stared at Chiyo, but he didn’t care about Kakashi or his dad.
This means that he never knew who killed his parents, otherwise, he would seek revenge, or he really didn’t care anymore since it had been more than 25 years since that happened. Chiyo was his teacher, at age 15 he had already surpassed Chiyo since he was able to create Human Puppets before leaving Sunagakure which is amazing.

So Chiyo and Sasori are actually pretty strong Shinobi. He left the Village at age 15, but he was already known as Sasori of The Red Sand, meaning that at that age he killed tens of thousands of shinobi in the Third Shinobi War.
He has killed the most number of people in NarutoVerse because he simply destroyed entire countries with his puppets which is mentioned in the databook.

He later returned to Sunagakure to take down the 3rd Kazekage. It’s a possibility that he killed the Kazekage before even turning 18 years of age since he joined the Akatsuki at this age.
He was said to have 298 puppets. The 100 Puppets and Hiruko are not Human Puppets as far as I know, but Sasori said he had more Human Puppets so, it’s a possibility that at least half of his puppets were Human Puppets. Him having so many Human Puppets, means that he had access to a lot of jutsu and Kekkei Genkai, since Shinobi have so different types of abilities and elements, and Sasori only collected the best of the best.

Sasori had 2 Chakra Shields installed, one on each arm, but he never used them. Later in War Arc, we see Kankuro triggering both Chakra shields at once.
sasori of the red sand
The guy’s got flamethrowers, etc up his sleeve. The 3rd Kazekage is the strongest Kazekage ever but couldn’t help but become his favourite puppet.

Sakura could’ve died 17 times if not for Chiyo and the antidote, and Chiyo could’ve died 4 times if not for Sakura and the antidote.
This means he is actually a pretty deadly character and he died on purpose for the record. Sasori was a genius, he wasn’t only a master puppeteer, but he also was Sunagakure’s best Medical Ninja and also a fuinjutsu expert, abilities that allowed him to develop the Human Puppet jutsu, which only he knows. Sasori created and perfected his way of “immortality” way earlier than characters like Orochimaru. Also, Sasori’s Immortality had a lot of bonuses, for example, it made him immune to Genjutsu since he was just a puppet, but he also couldn’t feel any pain. His body is artificial, so he’s immune to poison and ageing as well.

This makes him the character with most immunities in the series.
He was one of the few characters that can take on entire nations just by themselves, except Sasori can do it with a single jutsu, a jutsu he created himself. Performance of a 100 Puppets.

It’s actually a very classy way of doing it if you think about it, he just needs to move his fingers. Him taking on entire nations is mentioned once in the Manga and twice in the Databook.
Also, contrary to popular believe, Sasori can control the 100 Puppets with his fingers! This means Sasori can chakra thread his opponents to death, and he can also control them against their will. He is a force to be reckoned with, if you’re planning to take on him, you must bring an antidote, have Chiyo’s extreme experience when it comes to puppetry. Not to mention Chiyo’s battle experience exceeds that of any of the Sannin by far. You should also be prepared to react to hypersonic, sound barrier breaking Iron Sand attacks.

Then there’s Satetsu Kaihou, which is nearly impossible to dodge, and it’s a huge move, it almost covered the entire length of the cave, and that wasn’t a small cave.
If one wants to attack Sasori from behind, he’ll meet his poisoned propellers. There’s also the 100 Puppets, a jutsu mighty enough to destroy a nation just by itself, and if that wasn’t enough, Sasori still has 150 or so Human Puppets available, not to mention he will never get tired in battle.

While his opponents are all human and will get tired the longer the fight becomes, thus their speed and reaction are affected. Sasori doesn’t have this problem.
Also, remember all Sasori needs is a single scratch, and not even Chiyo and Sakura with all those advantages were not able to come out of that battle unscratched. So, did you realise Sasori was this powerful?

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