Sanji’s True Power After Timeskip – Explained

Sanji's true power

Hey guys today I am going to share a theory about Sanji’s true power with you guys. it’s a great theory put forward by Theo Ries from Oro Jackson. Let’s begin. During an SBS, Oda was questioned by a fan about the purpose of Sanji’s curly eyebrows. His response revealed many things, and also a great clue which possibly revealed some things about Sanji’s powers. Ever since Sanji’s leg burst into flames, it has fascinated us all as fans.

From SBS Vol. 7 – Chapter 55:

“Dokusha (reader): Why does Sanji-san’s eyebrow curl up at the end? Please give a real answer!!
Oda: Hey!! You, sit right there!! Now listen!! Everyone lives in circles!! The sun, the moon, and the earth all spin around!! And!! If the earth suddenly stopped spinning!!.
Vinsmoke sanji
It would be a disaster, tidal waves everywhere!! Now remember that Sanji’s eyebrow channels that circular energy!! Reflect upon this!! You may go!!”​

So what does this have to do with Sanji’s powers? Be patient and let me explain.
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  1. An even better explanation seems to lie in your explanation about curls in the devil fruits. Sanji and his siblings may just be a combination between human and devil fruit, especially when you consider how much effort Vegapunk put into creating artificial devil fruits.

    I vote that the Vinsmokes may have been a study into how to make humans embedded with devil fruit abilities without many of the known risks of eating devil fruits.


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