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Sanji Raid Suit powers

One Piece’s Whole Cake Island arc gave us a lot of stuff that we could go on discussing for hours. As the arc ended, fans can finally rate and slate the chapters, and it felt like a good arc to me. Without any doubts, it is the best One Piece arc that we’ve got since entering the New World, and that makes me really happy, because I’m excited for the future of the series. So let me introduce you guys to today’s topic that I really want to discuss after reading One Piece manga chapter 903, and that is Sanji’s Raid Suit.

Sanji’s Raid Suit

Sanji's Raid Suit

For those of you who have read the chapter yet, I suggest that you don’t go ahead with this post. But if you don’t mind being spoiled, let’s move forward. During chapter 903 of One Piece, we saw that Niji had actually given Sanji a raid suit. This happened when he saved his brother at Cacao Island, and managed to slip it in his little brother’s pockets, I assume. Sanji says that he won’t use the Raid Suit at all. He doesn’t want to be associated with the Germa people, and he doesn’t want to use the Vinsmoke name. Because of that, he doesn’t want to use the Raid Suit. However, we all know that he is going to use it, and I’ll explain why.

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  1. I know that the author of One Piece (Oda) tends to give more glory to the straw hats, but I don’t think that Sanji was stronger than his siblings without their raid suits (other than Yonji). And I’m pretty sure that explosions are but a byproduct of Ichiji’s real powers (light). It seems that the vinsmokes are based on a devil fruit and an insect. Ichiji would be light and possibly a firefly? Niji is electricity and potentially an oriental hornet? Sanji may have latent powers even with his mother’s success in preventing him from turning out like his brothers in fire and possibly a moth (in regards to their needing internal heat generation to fly and a possible opposite to Reiju and a poisonous butterfly for her… but she is confirmed to have a devil fruit of some sort). and Yonji with some sort of extension powers of at least his arms and fingers, with possibly a spider insect influence. Niji is probably stronger than Sanji without his raid suit, and I don’t think the Vinsmokes are all that hopeless without their raid suits. I think the problem is their mental state (for the brothers). It seems that they are casually able to face death and tend to stand firm to it even when the wiser move would be to dodge, which seems to be the case in the few occasions when we see the brothers in harms way. I was disappointed in Ichiji losing to Katakuri off-panel to make it worse, wishing to see more of their fight. After seeing the conclusion of Luffy and Katakuri, I could see someone like Ichiji winning against him. Him being the first born brother probably factors into his powers being the strongest of the brothers as well. Light and explosions like Kizaru seem to be a great threat to anyone. I always had the feeling that Ichiji’s powers were being foreshadowed by the explosions on Broccoli island and I feel that after seeing him use that sparking light fist (valkyrie) against Oven and some other Big Mom Pirates simultaneously, it seems that he can emit projectile lasers from his hands at the very least. He seems to be able to generate light from his eyes, which he did to a degree so bright that Oven was blinded momentarily, and I don’t see it as a stretch for him t eat light from his entire body (although it’s just a guess). With the proper application, I feel like Ichiji could be incredibly dangerous even to the likes of some of the greatest world threats in one piece. I really do hope that Sanji’s Raid suit is yellow to match his hair and fire theme. It would go well with the idea his family tailoring him to the Vinsmoke name rather than his acquired epithet black leg. And I feel like his power ups would make him very much like a mera mera no mi PARAMECIA-like user, and hopefully he will have some extra abilities, such as Niji’s stealth, which seemed like a natural ability since he wasn’t wearing a raid suit at the time of using it. I don’t think it makes sense for Sanji to be stronger than all of his brothers throughout the remainder of the series, as they are the most gifted leaders of a powerful scientifically enhanced army with enhanced natural abilities on top of their further training into adulthood. But I do see Sanji progressing all the same. I just don’t want to see him taking from Ichiji’s light powers, but rather a stronger more refined fire, like his frying pan class Diable Jambe.


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