Sanji vs Queen The Plague: Sanji’s New Power-Up Explained

Sanji vs Queen

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing the battle between Vinsmoke Sanji vs Queen the Plague. We could see this potential battle between the third in command of the Strawhat Pirates and the third in command of the Beasts Pirates. The battle in which Sanji will show his maximum potential for the first time after the time skip.

Let’s begin this post regarding Sanji vs Queen the Plague

It was the Whole Cake Island arc in which all fans were waiting and expecting to see Kuro Ashi’s full strength after the time skip but unfortunately, nothing of that sort happened.
Queen the Plague
But one thing is certain; Wano war is going to be way more epic than even Marineford War, and unlike Marineford war, we’ll see all Strawhat Pirates in action along with at least two yonko, Kaido and Big Mom. So, this time for certain, we’ll see Sanji in full throttle for the first time after the time skip.

Right now Sanji’s captain, Luffy, is a yonko commander level character. But, after the Wano war, Luffy is going to be a Yonko level character, and Zoro and Sanji will have to be naturally yonko commander level characters which they are not thus far.
Sanji vs Queen
Both Sanji and Zoro are not doing enough to fight a Yonko Commander yet. However, they have to step up at Wano. They have to become stronger and defeat them.

So, it is evident that in order to be a Yonko commander level character, he has to beat a yonko commander level character and Queen the Plague is the character that Sanji will face most probably in the upcoming chapters of Wano country.
Queen vs Sanji
In One Piece chapter 927, Sanji did beat some of Kyoshiro’s men, and later we saw Kyoshiro telling his subordinates to call Queen and tell him to send some assassins to deal with Sanji. But, as we know, Sanji is going to beat them assassins as well and once he does that Queen will have to take action against Sanji and sooner or later Sanji will face Queen himself.

As we know, right now Sanji is not at yonko commander level and in order to face yonko commander he’ll need some serious power-ups.
sanji power-up wano
So, now let us discuss the power-ups that Sanji might get in Wano country war so that he has a chance of beating Queen the Plague.

Sanji has shown very little usage of Armament Haki for now, but we all know that in the future he’ll surely have this ability at a very good level.
Vinsmoke Sanji
I think using this type of haki and mastering it to some extent against Queen. This will make complete sense as thus far he hasn’t encountered anyone like this opponent. The second power-up that might aid his cause of beating the Queen is the Observation haki’s advanced version. We have seen Luffy getting this powerful ability at Whole Cake Island, and I certainly think Sanji needs this ability desperately in order to beat a Yonko Commander, just as Luffy did.

The next power-up that Sanji will get against Queen is the Black Flames. We all have seen Vinsmoke Sanji’s Diable Jambe technique.
It is a technique used by Sanji with which he is able to heat up his leg so much that it looks like it is on fire. Sanji’s Diable Jambe hasn’t quite had the same effect after the timeskip. We will definitely see him improve this power as well.

So, in my opinion, after Sanji uses armament hardening, he’ll easily be able to add Diable Jambe to it. Thus, his red flames will be replaced by Black Flames. Another one of the power-ups that Sanji will certainly get during the Wano war is his Raid Suit.
Sanji's opponent
Raid Suits are special suits that are technologically advanced and enhance the powers of the user. During the Whole Cake Island arc, we saw that Sanji received his own special Raid Suit but he said that he will not use it no matter what. But then why didn’t Oda just make him throw it away?

When he has no option in Wano war, and his friends are in trouble, or even if he will seem to have no other way to beat Queen the Plague, he’ll surely use this all-powerful suit. Sanji is certainly going to beat Queen the Plague no matter how hard it sounds.
King and Queen Calamities
We have no clue as to what Queen’s powers and devil fruit are as of now. But no matter what Sanji needs the above-mentioned power-ups to beat him. What do you think about the battle of Sanji vs Queen?

That is it from today’s post on Sanji vs Queen. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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