Samurai 8 is well and truly underway now and we are getting to see some awesome chapters every week. We are getting to know more and more about Samurai 8 universe. In Samurai 8 chapter 8 which was titled “Take it Slowly”, we got to see the development of the relationship of Ann and Hachimaru. At first, Ann was very rude to Hachimaru and Hachimaru, as usual, was nice. Ann was instructed to be nice to Hachimaru so she tried doing so by cooking a meal for him and others.

Meanwhile, after getting to know that cat samurai is actually the great Daruma the other samurai was shocked. Hachimaru and others then went with Ann to her hideout. Where Hachimaru tasted Ann’s food which looked bad but tasted fantastic. After this, we finally saw Hachimaru making a straight sword at last. Also, on the bad guys, front Ata has left to capture Hachimaru. Now, let us discuss and predict what could happen in the upcoming chapter of Samurai 8.

Whoever does not like this read the spoilers stay away from this spoiler cum predictions post. At the end of the last chapter, we saw Ata was travelling full steam ahead towards the location of Hachimaru. So, it is clear that the joy of Hachimaru and Ann is going through be short-lived as a very strong villain samurai is heading towards them. When Ata faces Hachimaru, I do think that Daruma will let Hachimaru battle this villain himself in order to check his progress as a samurai.

I think that Hachimaru this time will be beaten severely, this is important because it will make him realise how hard he needs to work in order to get stronger.

I think in the end Daruma will step in to save Hachimaru. This will simply tell us how important Hachimaru is to the whole equation and thus he needs to get stronger in order to defend himself and his princess. The next chapter, that is Samurai 8 chapter 9 will be officially released on 07 July 2019.

The unofficial scans will be out by Friday 05 July 2019. I do hope that you all support the official release which benefits the manga community. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Samurai 8 chapter 9 spoilers. I am excited to see what Ata does in the next chapter. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming chapter of Samurai 8 manga.


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