Masashi Kishimoto has indeed been working thoroughly on his new project, that is Samurai 8. Not all of his fans were excited by the idea of him doing a science fiction manga but with every chapter, the manga gets a whole lot interesting. In the recent chapter, that is Samurai 8 chapter 5 we got to see a new concept, this time we were introduced to a new concept that being ‘Key Holder’.

It was revealed once one samurai has a key holder, the holder is his armour, shield, weapon, ride, all in one damn package. Daruma was given a key holder by Hachimaru’s father. But Hayatarou is still not a key holder because Hachimaru does not have a ‘handle bone’. Now, this handle bone is something that one needs to insert into a holder to make it his key holder. At the end of Samurai 8 chapter 5, we saw Hayatarou becoming Hachimaru’s key holder at last.

Also, Daruma demonstrated how well one needs to be synchronised with his key holder in order to win in battle. Daruma also demonstrated how in many ways a key holder can be used. Against the battle with stone statues, he used it as a weapon, shield, armour.

samurai 8 chapter 6 release date

He pulled out guns from his key holder and what not. The mystery behind Hachimaru’s father is yet to be revealed as he knows no such about Samurai but we still don’t know how. Hachimaru is very excited to begin his Samurai training, now that his key holder is Hayatarou it will be interesting to see how Hachimaru uses his first key holder.

I’m pretty excited to see what weapons he can draw from Hayatarou and what will be Hachimaru’s and Hayatarou’s merged design again. Daruma wants to train Hachimaru so that he can face the troubles of the world and help him save the world. Officially Samurai 8 chapter 6 will release on 16 June 2019 but the unofficial scans will be out probably on Friday 14 June 2019. Also, the official spoilers of the new chapter will be probably out by tomorrow,

Thursday 13 June 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Samurai 8 chapter 6 spoilers. I’m enjoying this manga by Masashi Kishimoto a lot. His writing is just so awesome because of the sheer way he is able to just show us emotions with the help of just words. So, let us see how things unfold in the next chapter.


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