The last chapter of Samurai 8 was again a good one. This time around we got a normal 20 pages long chapter. In this chapter, we saw Hachimaru flying high in the sky with his pet. It was hinted that Hachimaru wants to go out in space. The scene shifted to Daruma and Hachimaru’s father. Daruma revealed that in order to save the world he needs to find seven keys and that he has found one in Hachimaru.

Hachimaru’s father just does not agree with this and refuses to let Hachimaru go outside with Daruma. Daruma is the lone wolf samurai who has defeated over a thousand men in battle on his own, so this shows how strong he is. He is known as the master of Yasha style. Daruma asks Hachimaru’s father who he really is but then suddenly Hachimaru arrived and quarrelled with his father about going out more often.

Afterwards, Hachimaru’s father got a vision of a guy who said I’ll find you this brought shivers to the spine of Hachimaru’s father.

samurai 8 chapter 5 release date

Meanwhile, Daruma demonstrated Yasha style to Hachimaru. He asked Hachimaru to pick a number, he picked 8 then he sliced the ground with his sword and the effects of the slice showed exactly after 8 seconds which was so cool. Now, coming to the spoilers of the next chapter of Samurai 8.

Now, it is clear that Hachimaru has accepted Daruma as his master and will train to become a strong samurai. Daruma will be teaching him how to use the Yasha style and I’m looking forward to witnessing how Daruma will train Hachimaru. In Naruto series, we saw how Kakashi Hatake trained team seven by just asking them to touch the bell he carried it will thus be interesting to see how Masashi Kishimoto will show the training of Hachimaru.

Also, Hachimaru’s father will certainly not approve of it but after witnessing that Hachimaru will get stronger by training his heart might be at peace because he’ll think that by training and becoming stronger Hachimaru might be able to face the threat that is to come and what brought shivers to Hachimaru’s father’s spine. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding the upcoming chapter of Samurai 8: Tale of Hachimaru. The chapter will be officially released on 10 June 2019 but the scans of the chapter will be probably out by Friday. Are you enjoying Samurai 8 manga?


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