Samurai 8 is finally rolling out chapters now and thus far all three chapters have exceeded the expectations of the fans. The art of Akira Okubo has looked just awesome and Masashi Kishimoto’s writing is just on another level.

I wasn’t sure how this science fiction manga will turn out to be and its quite safe to say that it is too good. One feels being part of the story while reading it which is something the reader craves for. Now, from here on spoilers will be discussed so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this spoiler news post. In Samurai 8 chapter 3 we saw nameless being given the name Nanashi by Hachimaru.

She has told Hachimaru that she will go on a separate journey and meet Hachimaru in the future again when she’s more like him. Hachimaru was again in the midst of the action in the last chapter and even though he’s still a new samurai, it seems that he knows how to be like one from the moment he first picked up his sword.

At the end of the last chapter, we got to see a teasing moment regarding Hachimaru suggesting that he just is not a random kid and from his recent exploits he certainly is not a random kid for sure.

samurai 8 chapter 4 spoilers

We saw Daruma the samurai ho found and sort of scouted Hachimaru asking Hachimaru’s father that what is the secret of Hachimaru as he certainly does not seem to be an ordinary kid.

In my opinion and this is just my prediction, that Hachimaru’s father is not his real father but will be revealed to be his caretaker and Hachimaru might be the son of a great samurai who presumably died protecting Hachimaru and gave Hachimaru’s caretaking duty to his current father. Well, I could most certainly be wrong but I have a feeling that this will be some sort of a story behind all this.

I think so because Hachimaru certainly is special and his father is not a legend. So, in order to be so special, he needs to have a legendary background and thus I feel someone else is his father who was a legendary samurai in the past. Well whether I’ll be wrong or right will be proven in a couple of days when the official spoilers of the chapter come out on Thursday. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on the secret of Hachimaru and whether or not you agree or disagree with my prediction.


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