Samurai 8 manga has been officially added to the list of Viz Media collection of manga. Viz Media will thus provide the official English translation version of the manga. Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 chapter 1 is out and now available on Viz. Samurai 8 chapter 1 is 72 pages long and Kishimoto himself said that even 72 pages long chapter was not enough to make justice to the story.

The second chapter will be out this week and that one is going to be 33 pages long and this is pretty amazing. The expectations of the fans have been clearly surpassed with the release of chapter 1. In the first chapter, we got to see Hachimaru who is a protagonist of the series and was initially launched as a cripple wanting to become a samurai.

The concept of samurai’s was introduced, these are the beings that after killing themselves transform into cyborgs who are way powerful than mere human beings. The base of a samurai is a key which basically is their memory unit. Even if a samurai’s limbs are cut off they regenerate. Also, they are able to merge with their pets. Hachimaru after killing himself in order to protect his father from Ronin transformed into a samurai.

Then Hachimaru faced off against Ronin himself and merged with his pet dog while Ronin also merged with his animal.

samurai 8 chapter 2

Surprisingly, Hachimaru was able to defeat Ronin, much to everyone’s shock and even Hachimaru himself was puzzled by it. Also, it was revealed that Hachimaru is one of the seven keys that are needed to open the box containing the secret to save the world.

The chapter was pretty amazing, the way that science fiction things were handled were just flawless. Some of the fans were not sure how this idea of sci-fi manga will be presented and whether they will like it or not but it is safe to say that the first chapter was off to a flyer. Now, in the second chapter, we will also get to see some amazing stuff for sure.

We’ll see how the relationship between Ronin and Hachimaru develops further. Samurai 8 chapter 2 will release on 20 May 2019. The unofficial scans will be out 2-3 days prior to that. This is the first work of art from Masashi Kishimoto after the completion of Naruto series. So, the fans are indeed expecting a mind-blowing manga to read week in week out. Do mention your thoughts on the Samurai 8 premiere chapter.


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