Saddest Deaths in Naruto Series

Naruto has some really sad deaths in its entire series. Some of these moved each one of us to tears. Today we have made a list with the saddest deaths in Naruto.

10. Sasori-
Sasori was a member of the Akatsuki. He fought a combined team of Sakura and Chiyo. In the Chiyo was using the Parent puppets that Sasori had created. After a very long and tiring battle it finally came to an end. Sasori’s heart was pierced by the parent puppets’ attack which he could’ve easily dodged but chose to not to. This shows that even after becoming a puppet himself he still loved his parents which he had lost long ago and chose to due by their “hug”.
9. Rin Nohara-
She was teammate of Obito and Kakashi. She was made the jinchÅ«riki of the three tails by Kirigakure as they planned to destroy Konoha. Kakashi tried to help her. Rin didn’t want to risk the safety of Konoha so she jumped in front of his chidori which was meant for the Kirigakure nin. She died by the hands of person that she loved, and even during her death she muttered his name for one last time.


      • Right!! Now that mention it, Kishimoto is really good and creating tear jerking moments, be it a death or emotional hurt. He gets me to cry even if there is no death.

  1. NO NO NO

    Itachi’s death didn’t even make me cry, or even be a little bit sad.
    no no

    Jiraiya and Asuma are the only 2 deaths that made me cri eri tim.

    Case closed


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