10 Saddest Character Stories in Naruto Part I

Naruto is an anime which is full of emotions. To be honest you can’t even hate the bad guys after hearing their back story. We have listed some very sad back stories from Naruto. This is the first part.

10. Haku-

Haku possessed a unique kekkei genkai which was supposed to make her life better. But, instead this made him to lose his mother, who was killed by his own father. When he found that they possessed a kekkei genkai, his father tried to kill both of them. Haku survived by killing the entire mob. But, his mother was killed.
9. Sasori-
Sasori lost his parents when he was just a child. Both of them were killed by Sakumo Hatake. After their death, Sasori was raised by Chiyo, who taught him to use puppets. Sasori created his own puppets who resembled his parents.



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