Now that we have analyzed every ability of Sabo, we can agree that Sabo is on the same level as Yonko Commanders, and the Admirals.
Sabo's powers
The things he did in the Dressrosa Arc were outstanding, and he took the spot light when the final of the Corrida Colosseum started. Sabo might have low bounty but that doesn’t prove how strong a person really is.

Sabo is even more powerful than Luffy right now, and there is no chance for Luffy to beat him in a fight. The most powerful ability that gives him edge in battle is his insane Armament Haki, with which he can even stop Fujitora’s gravity based attacks.
We can compare his Armament Haki to that of Cracker’s Armament Haki. Even though we haven’t seen Sabo’s true power, he still is very strong and he definitely deserves to be the second strongest of the Revolutionary Army. I would love to see Sabo’s true power in the near future.

What is Sabo’s true power?

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