Sabo’s True Power In One Piece – Dragon’s Right Hand Man?

Sabo power

Revolutionary Army is a powerful organization that directly opposes the World Government, and are the biggest threat to them. They have taken control of many kingdoms that were once under World Government’s control. Their organization consist of many powerful members like Ivankov and Sabo, and they are led by Monkey D. Dragon, also known as the world’s Most Wanted Man. Dragon is also the son of Garp, and the father of Luffy. He was first mentioned at Enies Lobby. Before we talk about Sabo’s true power, let’s talk about the Revolutionary Army.

The strongest member of this organization is obviously, Monkey D. Dragon, and is feared by the World Government itself. The second Strongest member of the Revolutionary is Sabo. He is called the second in command of the Revolutionary Army. He is, naturally, in command of the Revolutionaries after Dragon. Sabo was a former noble, and resided in Goa Kingdom.
Sabos true power
He spend most of his time with Ace, and Luffy, and three of them considered each other brothers. After Sabo was saved by Dragon, he joined the Revolutionary Army and became the number second of the Revolutionary Army with time. His current bounty is 602,000,000 berries, which was revealed recently.


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