Roronoa Zoro’s 10 Strongest Attacks

Roronoa Zoro is one of the Strongest characters in One Piece world. With the ambition to become the World’s Greatest Swordsman, he set out on his with the Strawhats. Along the way, Zoro has fought many strong opponents and has come up with new attacks, regularly. Today, I’m going to rank his 10 strongest moves.
So let’s begin –
10. Oni Giri
We begin our list with Oni Giri. Literally meaning “Demon Slash”, It was the first move that Zoro ever performed in One Piece. It was used against Cabaji, and then against Mihawk during their fight at Baratie. This move makes cross mark on the opponent if it hits them.

Nigori-Zake(Two Gorilla Slash) was first used against Kaku. Zoro’s biceps grow twice their normal size and his bisceps seem similar to Chopper’s arm guard. This move is powerful enough to disperse Kaku’s Bigan.


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