The Rocky Port Incident and Connection Between Law And Coby

Marine Hero Coby

The One Piece manga is in an amazing arc, The Reverie arc, where we have seen many things get revealed already. At the starting of the arc, we got to see Coby who is now a renowned marine that is know even by the King Cobra himself. During the dialogue exchange between Coby and Cobra, Cobra said a certain certain word that struck my mind that is the “Rocky Port Incident”. This word is a proof that tells us there is a connection between Law and Coby. Yes I am telling the truth and I can prove it in this theory article. So without any delay.
Let’s begin-

1. When it happened and when we heard about it
Rocky Port Incident
Rocky Port Incident happened during the two year time skip. This was first mentioned by a member of the G5 unit during the Punk Hazard arc. In this incident Law took Hearts of a 100 pirates and delivered them to the World Government because of which he was given the title of the Shichibukai. Back then, we didn’t pay too much attention to it, but now it does seem like it was a big deal.



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