Review: One Piece 829, “The Yonkou, Charlotte LinLin The Pirate”.

First of all, if you wanna read the manga, here is a link to it:
We set off with Luffy and co. moving on their way towards the Whole Cake Island, thanks to Pudding’s map. It is still unknown where Pekoms is, but his message is pretty clear: Turn Back. Luffy looks a bit worried about Pekoms, but Pedro says he’s pretty sure Pekoms is alright. Pedro spots what seems to be an Island, while Nami looks for the best way to reach the Island safely, without being spotted. As the crew prepares to dock, Nami pretty much changes the plans entirely and gives new directions to Luffy, in order to avoid being detected. Unaware of the fact that Big Mom knows they’re here, Nami hands the Navigation to Brook. The crew is soon confronted by a giant Sea centipede. Unsurprisingly, Luffy and co. prepare to battle.
On Whole Cake Island, Big Mom looks to be on rampage. She craves for some Croquembouche, which the people around her call an ‘illness’. Unable to find Croquembouche, Big Mom destroys everything she can find in her path. Heading towards the Capital, Sweet city, Big Mom starts eating a Castle and pretty much everything, as the citizens evacuate. Suddenly, her 16th son, the Minister of Gelato, Charlotte Muscat jumps in and tries to Stop her. He promises Croquembouche only if she was willing to wait a little. But, Big Mom attacks, probably uses her devil fruit to cut off 40 FUCKING YEARS from his life span and ends up killing him. OP as hell! But that’s a Yonkou for ya!
Ultimately, Jinbe saves the day arriving with a huge pile of Croquembouche, launching it into Big Mom’s mouth. As Big Mom calms down, she thanks Jinbe and the two get talking. Jinbe mentions that he has something important to talk about and Big Mom suspects that he is leaving the crew.

So that’s it. Personally, the chapter was pretty great. We saw Jinbe again. But man, Big Mom is OP as fuck. Anyway, leave a comment below and we’d love to discuss the chapter with you guys. Thanks!

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