Reverie Arc Begins In One Piece

Reverie Arc

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing fine. I’m here at TheAnimeScrolls to share the news on Reverie Arc of One Piece. This post does contain spoilers so whoever doesn’t like spoilers please avoid this news.
One Piece Chapter 902 marked the end of Whole Cake Island arc, and now we’re officially heading off to Wano. Or are we? If the spoilers are to be believed, not quite.

According to the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 903, we’re actually taking a detour to the Reverie arc, which will be the next focus in the One Piece manga. So all those who wanted to see Wano will have to wait. Reverie ArcWe have a new arc in progress here, and it might take about 20 chapters to wrap it up. The Reverie is basically a meeting that will take place at the Holy Land of Mariejois.

This event takes place only once every four years, and all the major Kingdoms that are allied with the World Government are present here. They basically talk about different things that happen in the world of One Piece. So yeah, it does sound boring. But, here’s why you should think about it again, and give the arc a chance before moaning about it. First of all, the Admirals are present at the Reverie.

The chances of Ryokugyu showing up here are pretty huge, and I think that he’ll turn up. Secondly, we may get to see the Shichibukai system getting abolished. Reverie ArcThis is because of what Crocodile did to Alabasta, and what Doflamingo did to Dressrosa will come into focus here, without any doubts. If this does happen, it’ll put all the Shichibukai in tremendous danger, and we’ll have an interesting situation at hand.

Thirdly, we may also see Monkey D Dragon crashing the Reverie. Dragon was first introduced at the Reverie. So, the chances of him crashing the Reverie to make a statement seem pretty high. We may get to see him in action against an Admiral, and if he’s there, you better believe Sabo would be there as well.
Blackbeard will also be talked about here, and we will also get new information on the Whitebeard Pirates as well.

This arc has a lot of potential and may spark the beginning of a War. I seriously believe that we have something really interesting on our hands right now, so don’t cast this arc off just yet. I’m sure Oda has something really interesting in store for us. Onwards to the Reverie! That’s all from this news on Reverie Arc of One Piece. If you think that we missed some details do add them in the comments section down below. Also, keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about anime, manga, tv shows and movies.

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