Return Of ‘Rox’ In One Piece – Explained

Thus, it is almost certain that Kaido and Big Mom were on the Rocks pirates crew. Another interesting crew member of this crew could be Shakky, Rayleigh’s wife.captain rocks It was revealed at Sabaody that she quit being a pirate 40 years ago, around the same time when Rox pirates existed. She also mentioned that she was chased by Garp all the time about 40 years ago, and that’s exactly when Garp was involved with Rox.

Also, despite being an old woman she looks young, this seems like a mysterious ability. Now, coming to captain Rox. I think that he will be returning in the near future in One Piece manga as I already told you guys that I don’t think that he is dead yet. one piece roxAs some of you might remember Oda saying this year that he will be bringing another legendary character back in One Piece so Rocks might be this legendary pirate. Initially, I thought that it might be Shiki. Then I was convinced that it is just Kaido and Oda is hyping him up even more. Now, I feel like it is Rox.

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