The Past Of Red Hair Shanks, And His Connection To Will Of “D”

Hey everyone! I’m going to keep you guys entertained with yet another post. This time, we’re gonna talk about Red Hair Shanks. The first time we see Shanks, is in Fushia Village where he loses an arm. This is where he bets everything on Luffy.
Red Hair Shanks
But what happened before that? We only have a small number of clues into Shanks’ past, which we’re going to analyze in this post and find out everything about Red Hair Shanks’ past, base on this fan-theory.

Sit back, and enjoy!
We know Shanks is a light-hearted fellow, who doesn’t take petty things seriously. But when it comes to a friend, he will do whatever it takes to save him. Before Shanks met Luffy and way before he became a Yonkou, Shanks was a part of the Pirate King’s crew.

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