The Real Reason Behind The Creation Of The Akatsuki

Hey people! Today at TheAnimeScrolls, I am going to share a very different and logical theory that I am sure you won’t have even thought about till now. So, have anyone of you thought about what do the members of the Akatsuki represent? the AkatsukiWhat their reason for joining Akatsuki and what their true beliefs are? Well quite astonishingly they all represent a reason to why people wage wars in the real world. I’m sure you all are surprised so let’s see how this theory holds true.

Hidan — Religionthe Akatsuki
As we all they there are even right now as we speak people fighting to spread and protect their religion. This is represented by Hidan as he is a firm believer of his religion and used to worship Jashin who gave him the power to be immortal in this world. Religion is the most popular cause of war and Hidan represents it better than anyone.

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