The Real Reason Why Jigen Gave The Karma To Kawaki — Explained

The karma

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about the real reason why Jigen gave the Karma to Kawaki. We have seen in the last chapter of Boruto manga that Kawaki has the Karma because of Jigen in this post we’ll talk about how Kawaki was given the Karma by Jigen and what was the real reason behind it.

Let’s begin this post regarding the real reason why Jigen gave the Karma to Kawaki

First, let us talk about how we came to know that Kawaki’s Karma is actually Jigen’s Karma passed on to him or at least some of its power passed on to Kawaki.
kawaki karma
In the last chapter of Boruto manga, we saw Kawaki asking Boruto Uzumaki about how he got his Karma, to which he said via Momoshiki Otsutsuki. So, Kawaki was satisfied that he can share thoughts regarding himself with Boruto since he isn’t connected to Jigen. Then in the flashback, we again saw Amado and Jigen conducting experiments which have resulted in the death of numerous children.

We saw Jigen using his Karma for the first time and dipping his hand in a vessel through which he kind of shares his seal. Almost all children died except for Kawaki and the last test subject.
the karma
Kawaki in the process got the Karma seal. But why did Jigen give him this seal? If one has so much power he wouldn’t want to share like.

Like Naruto Uzumaki has humongous amounts of chakra, but he doesn’t share it, so there is obviously something that is making Jigen share his Karma.
Jigen himself said that unlike others people like him do not have time. It kind of implies that people like the ones who have Karma. To understand the reason behind Jigen desperately trying to share his karma let us look what the word Karma actually means. Well, it means that whether one does a good or bad deed it comes back to them.

So, how does a normal human get Karma apart from experiments? They get it from killing the Otsutsuki clan member. However, after killing the Otsutsuki, the Otsutsuki who gets killed is eager on revenge.
the karma
When the person who has killed the Otsutsuki, in the future the Otsutsuki will exact revenge. So, how can the already dead Otsutsuki kill its killer?

The answer is simple via Karma seal. In my opinion, when one gets more addicted to the power of karma seal, the seal itself grows stronger and stronger.
the karma
Also, this seal gives immense power to the user and when the power is more than the user can control the seal consumes the user fully and revives the deceased Otsutsuki and killing the user of the seal in the process. Thus, in order to not die Jigen needs to spread his Karma seal and keep spreading it so that it doesn’t overwhelm him and kill him in the process.

We have been hinted that it isn’t impossible to get rid of Karma seal and although it hasn’t been achieved yet it is possible.
Kawaki's mother
When Kawaki tells Boruto that he wants to get rid of his Karma, it foreshadows what could happen in the future. Well, if this theory turns out to be true then in future Kawaki and Boruto have to kill a lot of kids while trying to share their Karma.

Well, we cannot say anything about Kawaki as we do not know him that much so far. But, Boruto Uzumaki doesn’t seem like a person who will kill someone else for his own good.
How Kawaki
He is a good character so he won’t conduct such inhumane experiments but, at the same time, he will not die as well. So, it is well possible that both Kawaki and Boruto Uzumaki will find a way together to get rid of their respective Karma in the future of the series. This will obviously happen after the scene that was shown after the series.

So, it is clear why Jigen keeps on sharing his Karma. It is possible that Jigen has shared his Karma with not only Kawaki but some other children as well.
Kawaki's true power
That is the reason why the last test subject, the one after Kawaki was still there. It was shown that Kawaki was second last to imply that Kawaki is not the last one with which Jigen has shared his Karma. Even though it is yet to be disclosed whether he also has karma like Kawaki or not.

That is it from today’s post on the real reason why Jigen gave the Karma to Kawaki. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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