The Powers Of The Strawhat In One Piece – Explained

Maybe at that time, Shanks was wearing the Strawhat in Roger’s ship. Also, in Logue Town, Dragon appeared to save Monkey D Luffy which could again be influenced by his powers of Strawhat.
New strawhat
It is also well worth mentioning that when Ace died, Luffy wasn’t wearing his hat. So could this be a time he was out of luck? It is possible.

I also mentioned that the power of these hats could degrade with time. There is a clear connection between these hats and the Ancient Kingdom.
It is possible that they were produced during the existence of Ancient Kingdom and also I do believe that they were produced abundantly for the warriors of this kingdom so that their fate could be altered in a positive way. But it clearly doesn’t make one invincible as we know that the Ancient Kingdom was defeated we don’t know how but it happened.

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