The Powers Of The Strawhat In One Piece – Explained

Thus, in order to slow down its aging process, the Strawhat is being kept in cold storage. Now, let’s come over to Monkey D Luffy’s Strawhat.
the Strawhat
His hat is also a treasure. It might have almost lost its powers because it had been continuously worn by different generations of pirates.

So, what could be the power of the Strawhat? In my opinion, the Strawhats have the power to influence one’s fate. It is possible that the weaver of these hats uses some sort of ability with which he could give these hats the ability to influence one’s fate in a positive way.
New strawhat
Also, in Japanese mythology, there is a concept related to both hats and them being able to influence the fate of the users of the hats. We saw when Gol D Roger was about to go in a battle in which he could have died but, a storm appeared out of nowhere, and saved him.

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