The Powers Of The Strawhat In One Piece – Explained

We’ll later discuss what power it could have, but first, let us examine what else he said. He also said that had he the power of Ope Ope no Mi he would have acquired the National Treasure of Mary Geoise.
Well, since this treasure will be heavily guarded and stealing it must be next to impossible.

So, Donquixote Doflamingo would have needed the Ope Ope no Mi to transfer his personality into someone who would have access to this national treasure of Mary Geoise. As we have already seen in the Punk Hazard arc when Trafalgar D Law was able to switch the personalities of some Strawhat Pirates and Smoker as well.
Thus, Ope Ope no Mi would have been perfect to steal this National Treasure. Also, as I said, this treasure is being kept in some sort of cold storage making me believe that with due time the power of the Strawhat might degrade and this was indicated by Doflamingo as well.

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