The Powers Of The Strawhat In One Piece – Explained

The Strawhat

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back with another theory regarding the One Piece universe. In this theory, I’ll be talking about the power of the Strawhat in One Piece. We have seen a couple of significant Strawhats like Luffy’s and one giant Strawhat in Mary Geoise. Could these strawhats have some powers? I know it seems crazy, but hear me out.

Let’s begin this post regarding the powers of the Strawhat

We have seen a giant Strawhat in the Reverie arc. This giant hat is being kept in some hidden place inside Mary Geoise which seems to be a place where the temperature is very low.
Now, let us observe what Donquixote Doflamingo said about the national treasure of Mary Geoise. First, he said that there does exist a treasure in Mary Geoise. Later, he further mentioned that its power will degrade with time. If we are assuming that this Strawhat is the national treasure of Mary Geoise, then Doflamingo does indicate that it has some sort of power in it.

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