The Real Power Of Kawaki’s Karma Seal – Revealed

There is some sort of relationship between both Karma as both of the seals were activated at the same time. Kawaki meets NarutoAnother interesting statement which was made by Kawaki when asked by Garou where did he get this power from. Kawaki said that it wasn’t his own but it was some guy’s, and he didn’t like using it.

It seems like the spirit of the Otsutsuki resides in the seal. As there have been many theories suggesting that if the user’s seal went out of control then the Otsutsuki that resides in the seal can be reborn and thus killing the user in the process.Kawaki arc I’ve come up with an interesting theory that in Naruto series we had Jinchuurikis who possessed huge chakra and strength and if tailed beasts inside them got control over their body, tailed beasts would become free.

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