The Real Power Of Kawaki’s Karma Seal – Revealed

Then Garou used his ninja tool to produce a ninjutsu attack towards Kawaki but Kawaki was able to absorb all of his ninjutsu with his Karma. karma sealWhich we thought only Boruto could do as Momoshiki Otsutsuki gave him that seal but it seems that somehow Kawaki can do the same thing.

Then we saw Kawaki place his left hand which has Karma seal near Garou’s head and produce a huge blast which led to Garou’s death. Amazingly Kawaki seemed to be in the area of this blast and so were the Shinobi from Konohagakure.Kawaki's Karma seal Delta thought that Konohagakure shinobi were killed in the same blast but Boruto Uzumaki saved his comrades by absorbing the blast with the help of his own Karma seal. This was an amazing scene. We got to see both Kawaki and Boruto use their Karma at the same time.

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