Did Portgas D Ace Know How To Use Haki?

Shanks past

Remember Portgas D Ace fighting Blackbeard at Banaro Island?
We all thought that Ace didn’t know how to use Haki.
But was that true? Did he really not know how to use Haki?
Portgas D Ace
I’ll be explaining that in this post.
First of all, for those who still aren’t clear on the concept of Haki, I’ll explain what it is.

Haki is a power that is present in every living being in the world, much like chakra and Ki. Haki and is not different from normal sense. But, some people fail to awaken it.
There are three types of Haki:
• Kenbunshoku no Haki (Observational Haki), which helps a person to sense the surrounding and also the people around him, even without sight.
• Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki)-
Which allows a user to create an invisible armor around him. It is also the best weapon against a Logia User.
• Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror’s Haki)-
This type of Haki is extremely rare and is found in one in several million people. It allows user to exert their willpower over others.


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