Most popular One Piece Characters voted by the Fans

Hey guys! We all have our favorite characters in One Piece and we love them a lot. But, do you know how the most popular One Piece characters are rank ed in the 5th official fan poll? Well, we’ve got the answer to all of your questions. We did a little research and found out who ranked in the top 10 of the 5th fan poll.

10. Boa Hancock
Ranked 10th of the poll is Boa Hancock, who is a Shichibukai and the Captain of the Kuja Pirates. She has a score of 1422 in the 5th fan poll.

9. Bartolomew
He is the Captain of the Barto club and is in the grand fleet of Strawhat Luffy. He has a score of 1751 in the Fan Poll


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