Hey guys! Gol D. Roger, aka the Pirate King, was known world-wide. But what do we know of his past? Probably nothing. We’ve seen a couple of glimpses though. I will explain Roger’s past in this post. Sit back and enjoy!

As the events of the Void Century concluded and the World Government was installed as the rulers of the world, they ruled for the next 800 years to come.
Devil Fruits
They wanted to erase the events of the Void Century very badly and they did almost succeed in doing that.

In the past couple of centuries, very few had come who tried to unravel the world and find out the mysteries of the Void Century. But there was also one who wanted to turn the world upside down. The man would later be a world renowned Pirate and then, ultimately the King of all the Pirates, and a man feared by Marines. Gol D. Roger.



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